• Main information:

    The goal - as quickly as possible make a website-card for a fitness trainer.                                         
    Θ Coordination of blocks, compilation of technical task;                                         
    Θ Drawing the design;                                         
    Θ Adaptive layout;                                         
    Θ Inculcation;                                         
    Θ Waiting for content from the client;                                         
    Θ Content of the site with content and optimization.

  • Launch:

    26 February 2017

  • Client:

    Инна Симонова

  • Reference:

    "Сделали быстро, четко по ТЗ. Когда-нибудь обязательно открою заново сайт - пока ушла в другую сферу."
    Инна Симонова, фитнес-тренер

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